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Barbie Dream Townhouse – 3 Awesome Highlights of This 3 Story Pink Dream Property


The Barbie Dream Townhouse is an extremely amazing present for any young girl who likes her Barbie dolls. It is very well built using luxury in mind, and features 3 fairly cool additions that Barbie is sure to adore. Move in ready and with lots of accessories, this particular dream house is sure to please the pickiest of Barbie dolls.

1 . Personal Lift: Most doll houses are cool, but not a large number of of them have a personal elevator! But this specific dream house does, and its perfect for journeying up the 3 story mansion. Barbie could possibly get quite tired traveling up and down stairs throughout the day in those heels, so this house must have been a perfect build for her with her needs at heart; and your daughter will absolutely love this kind of feature of this dream townhouse.

2 . Lighting and Sounds on Every Level: To make the property truly authentic, it has to have working signals and sounds. Unlike most dollhouses that want you to use your imagination in this department, the actual Barbie Dream Townhouse has everything cared for for you so you can have fun being as reasonable as possible in your dream home. With functioning lights your daughter can have a lot of fun having bedtimes and morning and start each day in addition to end each night the way you really do at your home; kids love mimicking real life and this will so perfectly.

3. Outdoor Whirlpool Hot tub: Perhaps not every one of us has an wonderful outdoor whirlpool tub, but that is the reason this dream house has to have one. Many of us would love this luxury, so of course Barbie insisted that her own home just needed one. Add this on to the posh room and you really have some fun times that you can generate. Your children will love pretending that Barbie is actually relaxing in her fancy tub before negotiating down in front of the fireplace.

Above you learned about the particular awesome Barbie Dream Townhouse and some neat features that not every dollhouse comes with. Within the personal elevator, lights and sounds in each level as well as an outdoor whirlpool tub. When you have been looking for a way to pamper Barbie or the girl in your life who loves Barbie, then the townhouse is for you. It comes with many additional features as well like a fireplace, light up tiki lights, and just about the coolest bathroom you have ever seen.

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