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Barbie Thru the Years


Barbie started off with her debut at the New York International Model Show on March 9th 1959, using a black and white swimsuit. From there she grew to be a worldwide phenomenon, not only as a toy but for collectors everywhere. The idea for girls to have a grown-up doll to play with came from Ruth Handler, wife of Mattel founder, Elliot Handler.

It was a new concept that many did not agree to of at first, because of her adult body art. Until that point all the dolls were infant dolls. Barbie quickly caught on has become estimated over a billion have been sold globally. Barbie still remains one of Mattel’s leading sellers, which is saying a lot, considering they will own Fisher price one of the top vendors of baby toys. Barbies first career has been teenage fashion model. As women’s jobs have changed through the years so have Barbie’s ready latest career as a Computer Engineer. Barbie has had many accessories through the years.

I am holding out to see her riding a Razor Child scooter, there are so many possibilities. Maybe one day there will be the Nerf barbie for the younger children. There are countless possibilities available for the Barbie of the future. She’ll have new friends, come with new components and try many new exciting careers. A very important factor remains the same she will be a inspiration to be able to millions of girls, showing the skies often the limit to what they can achieve. I am certain it does not matter what changes she goes through, Barbie will continue to be a best seller for years to come.

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