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Barbie and Girls


A popular pop group some years backside produced a hit entitled Barbie Girl. Inside the song, the pop group didn’t fresh paint a good picture of Barbie, portraying Barbie as a real person with low probe and a superficial personality. This less than optimistic view of Barbie and Barbie plaything …

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Barbie’s For Boys : Why Not?


I can still recall fondly this childhood. Years spent playing with my contrasting dolls and their accessories. Creating imaginary realms of glamor and adventure. My toys were an outlet-as for most little girls opportunities to forage into the social realm with the commun security blanket. A 12 ” blonde-haired perfectly …

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Entertaining Barbie Facts


The Barbie doll is just about the most successful toy franchise in recent generations. Every second, two Barbie dolls are distributed in over 150 nations around the world. Its currently a billion dollar industry, together with interests not only in toys but also in personal computers, television and even movies. …

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Fashion Dolls for the Sophisticated Collector


There are numerous types of fashion dolls in the market, they contain large toddler-sized; teddy bear sized; as well as tiny little miniatures. They can be placed in different places, including but not limited to plant shelving; curio cabinets, chest of drawers, dressing tables, basically bedside tables. They are not …

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The Latest Doll Trends – Barbie And also Bratz


Many of us who played with Barbies since children would be shocked to know that Barbie has heavy competition. Bratz are a variety of dolls that are becoming increasingly popular with the same involving young girl who enjoy playing with Barbie dolls. Bratz were introduced in i b?rjan p? tv?tusentalet, …

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A number of00 With Barbie


Whatever formula Mattel did with its Barbie line seems to be working effectively. Barbie is currently a billion dollar market, selling products that range from toys to help clothes, CD-ROMs to movie titles. Barbie collecting is an industry in itself. In fact , Barbies are second to stamps as the …

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