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Barbie Household


Every little girl who owns a Barbie is not entirely content until she has a Barbie house. It’s the ultimate dream of the girls who also own Barbie dolls. It does not matter to them the particular houses cost an arm and a leg, they just desire them. And you …

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Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse Review


Half a century afterwards and Barbie continues to captivate little female’s hearts everywhere. And just when you think Barbie has set foot in all the lovely houses on the market, comes along the Barbie Pink 3-Story Wish TownHouse, an extravagantly decorated, luxuriously supplied townhouse set in luscious classic Barbie green. …

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How to Make any Barbie House


The real estate market for Barbie’s house is a limited one. Barbie is often a material girl, and she needs a residence that can hold all her stuff. Almost all of the Barbie houses you can buy in the store are only too small for Barbie’s clothes and still have, …

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Acquiring a Barbie House


Dolls are usually the first toys and games ever given to a baby girl and the up coming best thing to that are stuffed animals. Differentiation along with identification are some of the things the child will develop down the road. The best way to enhance this will be to …

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