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Entertaining Barbie Facts


The Barbie doll is just about the most successful toy franchise in recent generations. Every second, two Barbie dolls are distributed in over 150 nations around the world. Its currently a billion dollar industry, together with interests not only in toys but also in personal computers, television and even movies. In fact , when put from head to toe, one after the additional, Barbie dolls and other dolls in the sequence can circle the earth seven times!

Many people adore them, from little six-year-olds who merely love to play dress up to grown-ups, who have love to collect these feisty dolls every single image. Barbies are the perfect emblem of any woman who has done it all, from as an astronaut to running for president, she’s done it all. She has over 80 occupations including a paleontologist, a stewardess, a rockstar, a moviestar, and even a military employees. The military series in fact not only incorporated the army but also the Navy, mid-air Force and the Marine Corps. The Government even made sure that the uniforms that will be advertised are authentic and correct. Her first job ever is a teenage fashion model.

Who have thought that it would be this prosperous when it was launched in 1959 and sold in industry for just three dollars. That year, typically the Barbie that wore the now well-known black and white striped swimsuit and sported some sort of ponytail sold about 351, 000 products. To date, the best-selling Barbie ever will be the Totally Hair Barbie, which featured actually long hair, from the head to the paws.

Barbie is actually named after the daughter in the Barbie inventor Ruth Handler, Barbara. The woman full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts as well as she comes from a little town in Willows, Wisconsin. She even went to a high university, the Willows High School. She went to school in 1964.

She has five sisters that have been one by one introduced in the market, the first one is Pilote in 1964, Tutti, a twin with 1966, Stacie in 1992, Kelly within 1995 and Krissy in 1999. The woman even has a boyfriend, Ken, which produced his debut two years after in 1961. Having been named after Mattel founders Ruth and Eliot Handler’s son.

Barbie is also a pet fan, having so many pets. To date, she has 43 pets, including dogs, cars, parrots, chimpanzee, ponies, lion cub, panda, and a giraffe. Her first pet is a horse known as Dancer.

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